TV Panel Q3 Is Bullish 15%

- Jul 03, 2020-

The price of TV panels rebounded from June, and the price in the third quarter is expected to continue to rise, with a single-quarter panel price increase of 15%. Due to the low level of panel stocks and strong momentum for panel shipments, TV panel shipments in the third quarter are expected to grow by 10%. The panel price and volume have also increased, and panel makers have a chance to turn a profit in the third quarter.


July panel maintained an upward trend


In June, mainstream LCD TV panel prices rebounded, and the supply and demand in the third quarter further tightened. It is expected that panel prices will continue to rise in July. The strong overseas demand for 32-inch panels and the hoarding of supplies have led to tight supply. In June, the price rose by US$1. In July, the price increase may be expanded to US$2. The 39.5-43-inch panel is due to the rapid depletion of panel factory inventory, coupled with continued strong demand for stocks. The quotation in June was flat, and the price is expected to increase by 1-2 US dollars in July. The 55-inch panel was affected by the withdrawal of the Korean factory and the strong demand for stock. It is expected that the price will increase by US$3 in June, and the increase will be maintained in July. In terms of large-size panels, the demand for panel stocks is good. Among them, the 65-inch stock demand is strong, and the supply is tight. The price in June has stopped falling and is expected to rebound. The 75-inch supply and demand have gradually become balanced, and prices are expected to stabilize in July.


WitsView: Brand factory busy stocking


Qiu Yubin, deputy director of the research department of WitsView, said that TV panel sales in June were strong, and the current panel price is at a historical low. Compared with the same period last year, it is 15% to 20% less, and it also gives downstream brand manufacturers more promotions. Chips. Global TV sales were sluggish in the first half of the year. Brand manufacturers had high hopes for the peak season sales in the second half of the year. They were actively stocking in the near future. The momentum of pulling goods in July and August was not reduced. It is expected that the shipment of TV panels in the third quarter will exceed 70 million. There will be a 10% growth rate compared to the previous quarter.


As for the IT panel, Qiu Yubin said that because of the surge in procurement demand in the second quarter, the demand for low-end and commercial laptop panels has grown, and many companies later issued cash to employees to purchase on their own. The increase in demand for Full HD panels also kept prices steady and some sizes rose slightly. Overall, the demand for notebook panels is stable. It is estimated that shipments in the third quarter will be slightly reduced by 5% to 6%, and the single-season shipments will remain at the level of 50 million pieces.


At the end of the second quarter, some brand factories adjusted their monitor panel inventory, and demand dropped slightly, and prices remained flat in June and July. It is estimated that the shipment of monitor panels in the third quarter will be reduced by 5% to 6%, and the single-season shipment will be about 39 million pieces, and the price may be loose.


Overall, large-size panel shipments are expected to have double-digit growth, and the price of TV panels rebounded in July and August, and there was also a 10% to 15% increase in a single quarter. The profit and loss of panel manufacturers will be greatly improved. It is expected to turn profitable.


Panel industry is estimated to be out of the bottom


The panel industry is expected to come out of the bottom. In the past month, foreign investors have increased the size of the panel double tigers. In June, foreign investors bought more than 200,000 super-groups and nearly 200,000 super-friends, which pushed up the stock price and rose more than 20% in a single month.