What Are The Global LCD Glass Substrate Manufacturers?

- Apr 20, 2020-

The glass substrate is a basic component constituting a liquid crystal display device. This is a thin glass sheet produced by float method with extremely flat surface. The glass substrate used in LCD can be divided into two categories: alkali glass and non-alkali glass. Alkali glass includes soda glass and neutral boron silicate glass, which are mostly used in TN and STN LCD. The main manufacturers are Japanese plate glass (NHT), Asahi glass (Asahi) and Central glass (Central Glass) It is mainly produced by French process; alkali-free glass is mainly alkali-free aluminum silicate glass, and its total alkali metal content is less than 1%. It is mainly used on TFT-LCD. The leading manufacturer is Corning (Corning) Corporation of the United States. Mainly produced by flow melting process.


LCD glass substrate manufacturer


Major manufacturers in the LCD glass substrate industry chain


Upstream LCD glass substrate manufacturers:


Corning (USA) —Gorilla Glass, Asahi Glass (Japan) —Dragon Trace Glass, Avastrate (Japan) —Original plate glass NHT, electronic glass NEG (Japan), SCHOTT (Germany), Huaying Technology, Huaxing Optoelectronics—TCL Group Holding subsidiaries, Xuhong (Sichuan), Rainbow Group, Dongxu Group, Shanghai EGS, China Optoelectronics, Longteng Optoelectronics, Ancai High-tech, BOE, Tianma, Yufei, Xuxin, Xufei, Dongfang Liancheng and the Pearl River Delta Many Taiwanese enterprises and so on.


Midstream glass cover substrate processing manufacturers:


Lan Siwang, Berne, Star Technology, and other small-scale manufacturers in mainland China;


Downstream Sensor production, module fitting touch factory:


Ophelia, TPK, Shenghua, Truly, Huayi, Shenyue, Helitai, Inter-Industry, Ultrasound, Vidal, Leybold, Berne, Yanghua, Lianchuang, Hangtai, Wanjing, Zhiheng Excellence, Ping Wave, Shengda, Junda, Dijing, Deput, Junda display, accommodating optoelectronics, Yushun, Huaruichuan, Xuding, Huaxingda, Tianyi, Orayden, BOE, Zhengxing Optoelectronics, Xingzhan , Vidal, Diren, Dixian, Akita Micro, Deyi, Puda, Donghao, Dunzheng, Weiguangjun, Relax, Yucheng, Hongzhan, Zhonghai, Hongyuekai Optoelectronics, Pantone, Baoming, Shengnuo, CSG, Zhonghao Optoelectronics, Pu Zhao, Pu Xing, Biot and so on.