What Can I Do With A SB CNC Shield For Arduino Uno?

- Aug 02, 2019-

The main idea of this PCB is that you can assemble your own functional CNC with an adjusted budget.

If you are interested on machines or robotics you should create your own CNC machine. There are many not too obvious issues at the beginning. Motors, drivers, warm, software, straps, spaces..

Even if you want to buy a more expensive machine and you haven`t any CNC experience, it is a better idea to create your own machine to learn.

SB CNC Shield is 100% Open Hardware. It is designed with KiCad and you can read the schematic, check the PCB design, learn about electronics, improve it, or doing what you want to do.

The most important part of the Open Hardware is that we can create a comunity sharing experiences, new ideas and solving problems.

This PCB is 100% compatible with the popular firmware GRBL. You don´t need to configure nothing special. Plug and Play.

And there is a big community behind this project. You can belong to it.

Why not a complete CNC PCB?

Well, you can search for a complete CNC PCB. If you are serious with the CNC, you should do it.

An integrated PCB is independent. You don´t need a computer to sending commands to the machine.

There are PCBs with open source code with a big community. This is very important if you want a proper support. But most of them, they are closed source or they have owned firmware.

And mainly we are talking about price. These PCBs are usually more than 100 euros. If you are preparing a casual project with a small CNC, this is too expensive.


What do I need?

To createt a complet CNC you will need:

·         One Arduino Uno (or compatible PCB)

·         One Arduino Uno (or compatible PCB)

·         3 motor drivers at least (you can use the popular a4988, or if you need more power, the DRV8825)

·         3 bipolar stepper motors

·         One power supply. You can reuse the PC one with our ATX Board.

·         A drill, demel, láser, or something you can use to cut the material.

·         It is possible that you will need a drill controller or a relay to turn on the dremel.

·         An aluminium framework (you can assemble it with aluminium profiles or a 3D printer)