What Computer Monitor Is Good, Computer Monitor Purchase Method

- Apr 02, 2020-

Computer monitors are already a part of our lives and are closely related to our daily lives and work. The quality of computer monitors directly affects the user experience. So what kind of computer monitor is better and what parameters should I look at when buying a computer monitor?

Computer display purchase method

1. Response time

The lower the time it takes for the monitor to receive the signal and convert it to the picture, the better. Generally, the ordinary displays below 1500 yuan in the market are generally 4-5ms, and some professional gaming displays / high-end displays can achieve 1-3ms.

2. LCD panel properties

This attribute is mainly reflected in wide viewing angle and color performance. The IPS screen has good colors, high latency, and good static performance, which is suitable for making pictures, watching movies, and designing. The TN screen has good dynamic performance, fast response, low latency and white screen, which is suitable for shooting games. At present, the IPS screen and the TN screen, as well as some fake IPS screens, are also marked with IPS, which is not actually IPS. The LCD panel is made very differently. For example, the hot Apple screens AH-IPS and E-IPS are both said to be new in AH technology, but the E-ips at the price of 2500 yuan is definitely still AH-ips at 1500 yuan The indicators, as well as the MVA panel, are also very strong and advantageous in dark scene processing, but they all say that there are advantages of eliminating smear, but the price of other panel displays is higher, and the sms is also invisible. So buy a monitor. Understand your own needs, color performance and the needs of the scene.

3.bit value

6bit, 8bit and other panels in the display, the larger the value, the stronger the color of the display, the easier it is to distinguish similar colors, the current mainstream is 6bit, the more expensive 8bit, 10bit. Almost all monitors do not publicize this item. Because everyone is 6bit, even if it is a special 8bit, no one understands it.

4. Color gamut

Commonly known as the color range and M value, 16.77M, this M is actually 10 ^ 6, which is 1 million, which refers to the total number of colors that the display can display. 16.77M colors are also 24-bit colors. In 2008, many monitors failed to achieve 16.77, and now this number is standard.

5. Advanced Properties

nv G-SYNC vertical synchronization technology is mainly an nv chip with N card inside the display, which can achieve hardware vertical synchronization and prevent screen tearing.

6. Brightness and contrast

Many companies display labels and promotions are dynamic millions of 1000000: 1, all useless. Mainly look at the data of 250cd / sqm. Professional gaming monitors can achieve 270-390cd / sqm. Mainly affect the screen recognition of games, especially shooting games, the market brightness is 250. Mid-level monitors are all 300.

7. Refresh rate

Ordinary monitors can be 59Hz to 75HZ, professional gaming monitors can be up to 170HZ, of course, it is best to cooperate with the supported graphics card. Another point is that some 144 sports monitors cannot maintain the highest resolution after turning on a high refresh rate.


It is how many pictures are output by the graphics card per second. The display 60hz refreshes the picture once every 60th of a second. The two are not a concept, so it has nothing to do with the display data. However, when playing games, the FPS must be 100FPS or more, and the minimum requirement of the human eye must be 30-60fps. In general, small games like LOL can be kept at 200FPS during the battle, and may be stuck below 100FPS during team battles. It is also very smooth, but if you enter the 80FPS battle, you will get 30FPS, which means that the computer Graphics performance is not good.