MVA Panel & Features

- Jul 08, 2019-

The full name of MVA panel is (Multi-domain Vertical Alignment), which is a multi-quadrant vertical alignment technology. MVA is a wide viewing angle LCD panel that was put into use earlier and was developed by Fujitsu. At present (2013) manufacturers of MVA include Chi Mei Electronics and AU Optronics.

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The MVA panel uses protrusions to make the liquid crystal stand still instead of the traditional vertical type, but to stand still at a certain angle; when a voltage is applied to change the liquid crystal molecules to a level to allow the backlight to pass through faster, it can greatly shorten the display time , Also because the protrusions change the liquid crystal within 20ms. Molecular alignment makes the field of view wider. The viewing angle can be increased to more than 160 degrees, and the response time is short.

MVA panel technology was transferred from Japan's Fujitsu to Taiwan's Chi Mei and AUO. After the financial crisis, wide-angle panel manufacturers have encountered a crisis. Taiwan's Chimei AUO felt that the production cost of MVA panels was high and the profit of the display was low, so it stopped supplying display manufacturers. South Korea's Samsung and LG are very market-minded, launching low-cost versions of C-PVA and E-IPS, and occupying the past MVA market in one fell swoop with low-cost wide-angle panels that are not much different from TN. The Taiwanese can only blame themselves for giving up the market. The only thing that upsets consumers is that new MVA panel displays are no longer available on the market.


The MVA panel is a wide viewing angle panel, the color, color gamut, and viewing angle are all very good, better than the general TN screen [1]


Response time is slightly worse