What Is Advantages Of OLED Itself And The Difference Between It And Liquid Crystal (LED/LCD)

- Nov 25, 2020-

The advantages of OLED itself and the difference between it and liquid crystal (LED/LCD) are:

1. Brightness, visibility and energy consumption: The characteristic of OLED is that it emits light by itself, does not require a backlight, and is composed of a light-emitting diode array. Therefore, the visibility and brightness are high, and the voltage demand is low and the power saving efficiency is high.

2. Contrast: OLED can produce better contrast effect without any blooming.

3. Resolution: The active drive of OLED has no duty cycle problem, the drive is not limited by the number of scanning electrodes, and it is easy to achieve high brightness and high resolution. Active driving can independently adjust and drive the brightness of red and blue pixels, which is more conducive to the realization of OLED colorization.

4. Refresh rate: OLED has a very high response speed, so it has a higher refresh rate and motion blur processing than LCD screens.

5. Image quality: LCD TVs cannot be compared with OLED TVs in terms of technical indicators such as response time, high dynamic range (HDR), and color gamut expansion. LCD and OLED TVs are not a technical grade product. Compared with the picture of LCD in front of OLED, LCD is a haze.

6. Lifespan: The current lifespan of OLEDs is not as good as that of liquid crystals, and it is temporarily unable to match it.

7. Price: The yield rate of OLED on large-size panels is only 15%, and the low yield rate also promotes the high price of OLED TVs.

8. New OLED-based technologies include flexible organic light-emitting display technology (FOLED): This technology may make highly portable, foldable display technology possible in the future.