What Is LCD Display

- Mar 22, 2019-

Human survival can not be separated from information, such as the founder of Cybernetics--N Wiener said:  "To live effectively, there must be enough information."

 "People live in society, every moment through the eyes, ears, mouth, nose, body from the outside to obtain information, including visual information accounted for 70%, and the eyes to obtain a large number of information, the most accurate and reliable, such as " at a glance and it's hard  "means that visual information is far more important than others. In the information display technology, people find the important role and significance of information digitization. Digitized information is more accurate, identity, and easier to transmit and identify. A lot of information can be expressed directly by numbers, so that digital information display has become another important content of information display. From the digital display to the character display, it uses the unique human language text to display, this display and the digital display together for a wider use of larger.


At the same time, people also want to use graphics and images to display, and the display of content is colorful, and can be active in real time and with three-dimensional effect. These have all been achieved by the end of the 20th century. LCD computer, mobile phone, laptop, semiconductor luminescent digital tube display (LED) car meter, mall big screen advertisement, Securities Institute stock trading display card, fluorescent display parts (VFD) display electronic scales, home appliances, VCD, the latest listed flat plasma (PDP) display of the large color TV, And the color TV displayed by CRT. These 00 total types of display are doing a variety of services for you, I believe that in the near future to show that the development of technology will make greater contributions to mankind.