What Is OLCD, OLCD, LCD And OLED Displays

- Apr 11, 2020-

At the heart of the technology for high-performance flexible displays and sensors using plastic substrates is the organic LCD(OLCD), which is lightweight, thin and shatters resistant, but also bends (up to 10mm), fits and shapes.OLCD is the lowest cost flexible display technology.With the use of qualified materials and processes, OLCD can be extended to large size, with high brightness and long life, especially to meet the high requirements of vehicle display.

OLCD, LCD and OLED display comparison

OLCD and OLED differences

Unlike OLCD, the technology can be used in large-sized panels, in addition to its cost and longevity advantages.Although OLED has the advantages of prominent color display, high contrast, short response time and so on, it occupies the advantage in the small-size screen.But there are bottlenecks to overcome: cost and product life.

OLED is known as the next generation of display technology.OLED by virtue of self-lighting, folding and other advantages, attracted a large wave of domestic and foreign display industry chain manufacturers to join.So far, German Merck, puyang huicheng, wanrun stock, Beijing aglia and other materials companies are continuously developing OLED materials;Domestic panel manufacturers such as boe, huaxing optoelectronics, and huiguang have been working on small and medium-sized AMOLED;Apple, samsung, huawei, OV, LG, konka, skyworth and many other mobile TV brands have adopted OLED screens.

There are some drawbacks, however, such as OLED self-illumination, which for now is both an advantage and a disadvantage.Because OLED light itself, can remove the backlight, OLED screen can be more frivolous, but the brightness of the current electronic screens require higher, OLED are temporarily unable to realize, this is a bottleneck of OLED, but in the future along with the advancement of technology, or OLED product cost, life, brightness, etc that is expected to overcome, but need time.

OLCD is based on the technology of flexible low-temperature organic thin film transistor (OTFT) substrate, which is currently produced by TFT LCD production line with low cost plastic substrate such as TAC and PET.The OTFT baseplate's superior electrical performance compared to amorphous silicon enables plastic LCDS to have the same display quality and reliability as glass LCDS, to have better ductility, to be thinner, lighter, and shatter-resistant, and to adapt to a variety of surfaces.In the field of large and small size panels have a good application prospect.

Today's liquid-crystal-based OLCD technology can also produce flexible displays, which may bring more opportunities for panel, material and device makers.OLCD can be produced with only a few modifications on old LCD production lines, resulting in significant cost savings for existing LCD plants.

Technology upgrade, mainly used to improve product quality and reduce costs.The screen with special plastic as the base replaces the screen with glass as the base, USES the low temperature production process, is very conducive to production, and the cost is lower.With the expansion of flexible display scale in China, it will bring great changes to the manufacturing industry, bring opportunities for the development of flexible display industry, and further reduce the cost.Many technologies are expected to coexist in the future.