What Is The Development Prospect Of Liquid Crystal Monitor Industry?

- Sep 29, 2019-

Lcd is now very universal, Dabing splicing has more technical content and prospect monitor is currently a well-known brand in China, the strength of manufacturers and products are: Chuangwei (Chuangwei Qunxin), tcl (tcl Group), Xiangshi (Chaozhou Xiangshi), Tayali (Shenzhen Longwei), stone (Zhuhai stone), Xinwei (Guangzhou Xinwei Bao), Liling (Guangzhou Liling) and so on basically come out in the 1990s so far in the industry has a well-known brand, after coming out in 2005 is new to the monitor this piece, some are from these oem, some are licensed, want to know if the brand has the strength or ask more manufacturers who supply other equipment from Shenzhen is clear.