What Is The Difference Between LCD And OLED?

- Jul 08, 2020-

 "lcd screen" and "oled screen" are popular labels for mobile phones, computers and other products, but what is the difference between these two screens, it is estimated that many people can not answer. In fact, there are many differences between the two screens. There are both coincidences and specializations in application scenarios, and at this stage no one can replace the other.

          LCD and OLED have their own advantages

          LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is what we originally called the liquid crystal display, its appearance makes the big butt (CRT picture tube) screen gradually eliminated, withdrawing from the stage of history.

        The full name of OLED is organic light-emitting diode (Organic Light-Emitting Diode), also known as organic electric laser display. It can be inferred from the name that it can emit light by itself, unlike LCD screens that require additional light sources, which is the main difference between OLED and LCD.


          Due to different technologies, the traditional LCD screen has certain deficiencies compared with the emerging OLED screen in some aspects:

           Insufficient LCD screen

           1. High power consumption

           2. Limitation of viewing angle (distortion will occur when viewing the screen at a large angle)

           3. Low contrast

           Of course, there are some advantages. LCD technology has developed for a long time and is more mature. It will not be easily eliminated by oled:

           Advantages of LCD screen

           1. Low price

           2. Not easy to damage

           3. No screen flash, more eye protection

           At present, OLED screens are mainly used in high-end mobile phones, tablets and other products of various brands, while TVs, low-end mobile phones and tablets and other products of various brands still carry a large number of LCD screens.

           Due to high production costs and lack of stability, OLED screens are difficult to fully replace LCD screens in a short period of time, and this also gives the latter time and space to continue research and development.

          Especially in the field of ultra-large size intelligent display, LCD screen is still the most cost-effective choice.

          BD cell--a new breakthrough in LCD technology

           It is precisely because of seeing the irreplaceability of the LCD screen at this stage, after continuous research and innovation, BOE (BOE) launched the BD cell display technology.

           BD cell can greatly improve the contrast of the display, which is a new breakthrough in TFT-LCD technology.


           Recently, the Society for Information Display (The Society for Information Display) announced its 26th Global Display Industry Awards (DIA) award information. BOE (BOE) 65-inch BD Cell display, together with Apple Pro Display XDR and Samsung folding display, won the Display of the Year award in 2020.

           For the disadvantages of the LCD screen mentioned above, BD cell technology has obvious supplements.

           1. Power consumption

          The screen with BD cell technology is more delicate and the power consumption is about 40% lower than that of OLED products of the same size. 2

           2. Viewing angle

          By adopting BOE's unique ADS hard screen technology, the BD Cell display can achieve a full viewing angle of 178°.

           3. Contrast

        BOE BD Cell adopts black-and-white and color double-layer Cell design, which can realize megapixel-level partitioned light control and finer brightness adjustment in the sub-millimeter range, so that visitors can feel the million-level ultra-high contrast image quality experience .

          Rebirth of large LCD products

           At present, BOE BD Cell technology has been applied to many high-end TV products. At this year's International Consumer Electronics Show (CES2020), Hisense, LG, Changhong, Konka and other well-known domestic and foreign companies all exhibited a series of new TVs equipped with BOE's 8K ultra-high-definition display.


          In addition to the LCD display equipped with bd cell, boe also launched its own large screen product


           BOE's LCD large screen product iMAX

          LCD screen technology is more mature, the price is relatively low, and it is not easy to damage. In summary, the LCD screen is still an irreplaceable solution in the display field.

          Quanzhi Consulting analysts said that BD Cell is BOE's new technological breakthrough in the field of high-end LCD panels. Through the innovation of TFT-LCD technology, the BD Cell display screen is more delicate and the power consumption is also lower than 40% of the same size OLED products, which has both image quality and cost advantages. The introduction of BD Cell technology will help color TV manufacturers to launch more competitive high-end TVs, and also bring new vitality and market growth space for the future development of the large-size LCD industry.