What Is The Electronic Ink Screen?

- Sep 18, 2020-

The electronic ink screen is the screen that uses electronic ink. Electronic ink screen is also known as electronic paper display technology.

Electronic ink is a new method and technology that revolutionizes information display. Like most traditional inks, electronic ink and the lines that change its color can be printed on many surfaces, from curved plastic, polyester film, paper to cloth. The difference from traditional paper is that the electronic ink changes color when it is powered on, and can display a changed image, like a calculator or a mobile phone.

In 1999, E Ink launched its first product using electronic ink-Immedia large-size display device. These large devices use only 0.1 watts of power, which means that the power required to light a 100 watt light bulb can power 1,000 Immedia devices. E Ink claims that in electronic devices, the power consumption of electronic ink will be 50 to 100 times lower than that of liquid crystal displays. This is because electronic ink only needs electricity to change the display content. Therefore, the e-book can display the same text for several weeks without any additional charging.

In December 2015, the bus stop sign at Napoleon Bridge in London was turned into an electronic ink screen. It can display the arrival time and route in real time, and it mainly relies on solar energy to supplement electricity. A few months ago, signs of intersections with large parking lots near Sydney were replaced with such screens. When these intersections are to be closed for large-scale events, it is much more convenient to change the prompts.

The developers of electronic ink do not expect people to throw away all paper or abandon computer monitors as soon as the electronic ink product screen is on the market. Electronic ink will coexist with traditional paper and other display technologies in the initial stage. In the long run, electronic ink may cause billions of dollars of impact on the publishing industry.