Where Is The Advantage Of LED Backlight Over CCEF Backlight?

- Feb 01, 2019-

LED backlight technology introduced, so that the LCD LCD screen for the first time in the color performance can be compared with CRT.

In addition, due to the planar light source characteristics of the LED, the LED backlight can also achieve the color and chroma adjustment of the CCFL beyond the reach of the region, thus achieving a more accurate color reduction to meet the needs of planar publishing and graphic design work. Compared with CCFL, LED backlight lamp can better provide stable and continuous work for notebook, including smaller lamp volume, less power consumption, and there is absolutely no toxic substances (such as mercury), in order to meet and CCFL and other bright requirements, a 12-inch notebook screen to distribute at least 45 LED lamps,

Even so, its energy consumption is much lower than that of CCFL. At present, the widely used TFT LCD screen technology has been quite mature, but it has some inadequacies, such as narrow color gamut, low energy utilization rate, high power consumption and short life. In fact, these have a lot to do with its use of CCFL (cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps, cooled cathode fluorescent lamps) backlight technology. In order to solve these problems, people have been looking for its alternative technology and products, in the process, LED backlight technology has been included in our view. At present, a number of notebook products using this technology have emerged.