Which Is Better, VA Panel Or IPS Panel?

- Apr 21, 2020-

The IPS panel is also called a hard screen, which has the advantages of large viewing angle, fast response speed (compared to VA panel display), and accurate color reproduction. The disadvantage is that the light leakage problem is more serious, the black purity is not enough, and it is slightly worse than PVA, so it needs to rely on the compensation of the optical film to achieve a better black. At present, there are still many wide-angle displays using IPS panels on the market, which are also the mainstream in the market.


Which is better, VA panel and IPS panel


VA panels are called soft screens and can be divided into MVA panels led by Fujitsu and PVA panels developed by Samsung. Among them, Samsung ’s PVA panels have been improved on MVA and are currently the most widely used types on the market. The VA panel is also a panel type with more high-end LCD applications, and belongs to a wide viewing angle panel.


The characteristic of the VA panel is that the front contrast of the VA panel is the highest, but the uniformity of the screen is not enough, and color drift often occurs. Its killer is sharp text, and the contrast between black and white is quite high. At present, there are more monitors using VA panels in the market, and the corresponding prices are also relatively high. The motherboards are aimed at mid- to high-end users.


The difference between ips panel and va panel


The process of IPS LCD panel and VA panel is similar. Ordinary level household IPS is better than VA panel. High-end IPS and VA panels are mainly used for design work, mainly because the color deviation of IPS and VA in viewing angle is better than TN panel It is much better, but the response time is not as good as the TN panel, so the IPS panel is not suitable for watching movies in home games. The low-end IPS screen is better than the low-end VA in response time, and the color is not much different. The black color of the ordinary IPS screen is not as good as the TN panel, and the black image will feel a little white. Generally choose the ordinary IPS panel, the price is relatively cost-effective.