Xiaomi Pilot Ultra-wide Screen Display Market

- Dec 12, 2019-

China's display market has a smooth overall performance, and the market is divided into a high-resolution display, a high-resolution display and a curved-surface display. In the face of the fierce market competition, the channel and the brand actively look for the new consumption growth point of the display. 


The ultra-wide screen display has been on the market for 7 years, although it has been in the spotlight, the market has not yet seen explosive growth. The summary is mainly due to two points: one is the lack of supply of the panel; lgd develops the first 29-inch ultra-wide screen display in 2012, and then sdc/ auo/ boe is added to the supply camp after 2015, and the other is that the cost is always high, and the cost and the sales volume are double-edged sword. In recent years, the panel resources have become more and more abundant, but because the screen price is high, the super-wide screen display has always positioned the high-end large-size, can only face the small group consumption group, the market is difficult to expand. 

Xiaomi's ultra-wide-screen display's dense-market Xiaomi TV has taken a place in the color TV market with the ultra-low price advantage, and has won the first of a number of markets. Xiaomi enters the market of the display, and makes the flat display market stimulate the development speed of the super-wide screen display market, which causes the close attention of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. Xiaomi's 34-inch ultra-wide screen display is on-line in October, and the online channel has 14 brands with 18 ultra-wide screen display models. 

The brand focuses on the new products of the ultra-wide screen display, and the attention of the consumer to the ultra-wide screen display is the power of the double ten-meter hot pin.