2.4 Inch TFT LCD Dispaly Hdmi

TFT-lcd (Color thin Film Transistor liquid Crystal display) is mainly used in computer, video terminal, communication and instrument industry.
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Product Details

2.4 Inch TFT LCD Touch Display Module

1 Features

ItemStandard Value
Display Format240(RGB) *320
LCD TypeTFT , Transflective , Positive
Viewing Direction(Gray Inversion)
12 O'clock
polaroidUp: 0.17mm,Down,:0.17mm
BacklightWhite LED
Driver ICDriver IC : ILI9341V

2 Mechanical Specification

ItemStandard ValueUnit
Outline Dimension42.72 (W) * 59.26 (L) * 2.5 (H)+-0.05mm
Active Area36.72 (W) * 48.96 (L)mm
Dot Size0.153 (W) * 0.153 (L)mm

Note:For detailed information please refer to LCM drawing

3 Absolute Maximum Ratings(Ta=25ºC VSS=0V)

Supply Voltage for
Power Supply for LCDVGH-VGL-0.3--32V--
Operating TemperatureTOP-20--70°CNote1
Storage Temperature.TST-30--80°CNote2



Application :

Household appliances-refrigerators: air conditioners, fans, hot and cold air heaters, water heaters, electric blankets, heaters, air purifiers, washing machines, clothes dryers, vacuum cleaners, lampblack cleaners, microwave ovens, cookers, electric ovens, rice cookers, water drinkers, tea sets, etc.; 


Communication :equipment-telephone, interphone, fax machine, wireless wifi, etc. 


Automotive: electronics-on-board entertainment system, automobile fault detector, CarLog, vehicle navigator, car audio, reverse radar, reverse mirror, camera, anti-theft device, etc. 



 Financial :tax control-tax control cash machine, poss machine, usb-key cheque printer, banknote counting machine, tax control invoice machine, etc. 


Consumer electronics:mp3,mp4,dvd, electronic dictionary, click reader, early teaching machine, learning machine, electronic organ, electronic clock, chronograph, calculator, etc. 


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  1. I want the LCD display 8 digits and the outline size is 65x30x2.8mm...…?
    Answer: No problem. Firstly, please kindly send us your specification/ drawing paper 
    If you have not the specification, you can also provide your samples; we will recommend the suitable one

 if it is standard products. Or we can customize for you based on your own requirement.

2.This LCD  is just what we want, but it is big size, do you have any smaller size? And the display content need to be changed a little.
      Answer: For the segment type LCD module, if you need modify the outline size or display content, 
a new LCD glass module is need. We have to open new tooling for you.

3. This LCD display is HTN type, but I want STN type,can you make?
      Answer: That's all right .  we can change for you as per you request.

4. I want customize a new LCD module. Can you do?
      Answer: Yes, we can. Please send your drawing paper. If you have not, please advise me the outline size 
of the LCD display, display information( Glass thickness, Polarizer, Display Type, Connector mode,
Storage Temp. Operating Temp.  Supply Voltage, Viewing direction, drive condition), we can customize for you. 

our service


                                              How to identify the type of LCD panel

As the core components of LCD TVs and LCD computer monitors, LCD screens play a vital role in LCD monitors. Taking TVs as an example, when buying TVs, there has always been a saying "choose TV and watch the screen first". In order to promote their own TVs, many merchants naturally made articles on the screen, which led to many TV promotions that are based on the original imported panels of who we are and so on. Then consumers have doubts, here we will teach you how to identify the LCD panel.


As for how to identify the LCD panel, there is actually no special technique. Friends who have a camera light up the TV screen and use macro alignment to take pictures. Friends without a camera can use magnifying glass to view the pixels of the TV screen. Next, we briefly introduce the pixel characteristics of several common LCD screens on the market, and identify the types of LCD panels by their characteristics.


Sharp LCD screen


The pixel structure of Sharp's production screen is very easy to recognize. The shape is a bit like a honeycomb mesh pixel structure. Each liquid crystal molecule is arranged in a radial fireworks towards the center electrode, and it is arranged in a rectangular straight line in the state of full white and bright screen display.


Samsung LCD


The pixel characteristics of Samsung's LCD screen are more obvious. Normally, the red, blue and green colors are arranged vertically and rectangularly. However, in some pictures with complicated colors, the pixel arrangement of “>” is sometimes displayed. The features are very obvious and easy to judge.


LG IPS screen


The pixel characteristics of LG's IPS screen are also quite obvious. In the non-full white or high-brightness state, the pixels are in the shape of "" or crescent, and they are arranged in a wavy shape from the top to the bottom. The identification method is to gently press the surface of the screen with your fingers and you will find that the screen has a high hardness and no water ripples.


AUO LCD screen


The pixel arrangement of the AUO LCD panel screen is a bit similar to that of Samsung, showing a vertical rectangular arrangement. The difference is that there are small patterns inside the pixels. And in complex color scenes, there will be no “>” like pixel arrangement.


Chimei LCD (Innolux)


The screen pixels of the Chimei LCD screen are similar to Samsung LCD screens, all of which are rectangular in shape. But there are obvious differences in arrangement. Chimei's LCD screen presents an irregular arrangement of pixels. There are no obvious rules for the arrangement of pixels in the panel. If the similar shape of the pixels in the TV screen is basically determined to be the LCD screen produced by Chimei.


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