2.4 Inch TFT LCD Touch Display Screen

TFT-lcd (Color thin Film Transistor liquid Crystal display) is mainly used in computer, video terminal, communication and instrument industry.
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2.4 Inch TFT LCD Touch Display Module

General Specifications


1.1      Features



Standard Value



Display Format

240(RGB) *320

LCD Type

TFT , Transflective ,   Positive


Viewing Direction(Gray   Inversion)

12 O’clock


Up: 0.17mm,Down,:0.17mm


White LED



Driver IC

Driver IC   : ILI9341V

1.2      Mechanical Specifications



Standard Value


Outline Dimension

42.72 (W) * 59.26 (L)   * 2.5 (H)+-0.05


Active Area

36.72 (W) * 48.96 (L)


Dot Size

0.153 (W) * 0.153 (L)


Note:For detailed information please refer to LCM drawing



Application :

Household appliances-refrigerators: air conditioners, fans, hot and cold air heaters, water heaters, electric blankets, heaters, air purifiers, washing machines, clothes dryers, vacuum cleaners, lampblack cleaners, microwave ovens, cookers, electric ovens, rice cookers, water drinkers, tea sets, etc.; 


Communication :equipment-telephone, interphone, fax machine, wireless wifi, etc. 


Automotive: electronics-on-board entertainment system, automobile fault detector, CarLog, vehicle navigator, car audio, reverse radar, reverse mirror, camera, anti-theft device, etc. 


 Financial :tax control-tax control cash machine, poss machine, usb-key cheque printer, banknote counting machine, tax control invoice machine, etc. 


Consumer electronics:mp3,mp4,dvd, electronic dictionary, click reader, early teaching machine, learning machine, electronic organ, electronic clock, chronograph, calculator, etc. 


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Factory workshop:


Packaging :



  1. I want the LCD display 8 digits and the outline size is 65x30x2.8mm...…?
    Answer: No problem. Firstly, please kindly send us your specification/ drawing paper 
    If you have not the specification, you can also provide your samples; we will recommend the suitable one

 if it is standard products. Or we can customize for you based on your own requirement.

2.This LCD  is just what we want, but it is big size, do you have any smaller size? And the display content need to be changed a little.
      Answer: For the segment type LCD module, if you need modify the outline size or display content, 
a new LCD glass module is need. We have to open new tooling for you.

3. This LCD display is HTN type, but I want STN type,can you make?
      Answer: That's all right .  we can change for you as per you request.

our service

BIGBOOK Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 

Set up in 1998, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in producing LCD and LCM. Our company has 1500 staffs, more than 30000 square kilometer area, advanced LCD production lines, and a professional team with great strength and rich experience. Moreover, our company has passed ISO 9001, ISO14001, TS16949 certifications as well as RoHS and REACH Certification and specialized in producing all kinds of LCD with the thickness of 1.1mm, 0.7mm, 0.55mm and 0.4mm and the models of TN, HTN, STN and FSTN LCM with COB, TAB, COG, TFT and LED Backlight. 

Our Company Acting as your professional partner of cost down, asset management and recovery specialist, we are aligned with you and provides you with a scalable, turn-key solution with performance-based fees and no hidden charges or margins. 

Welcome new and old noble customers contact us, we sincerely hope to cooperate with partners, create a better future of WIN-WIN!



(1) An LCD module is a fragile item and should not be subjected to strong mechanical shocks. 

(2) Avoid applying pressure to the module surface. This will distort the glass and cause a change in


(3) Under no circumstances should the position of the bezel tabs or their shape be modified. 

(4) Do not modify the display PCB in either shape or positioning of components. 

(5) Do not modify or move location of the zebra or heat seal connectors. 

(6) The device should only be soldered to during interfacing. Modification to other areas of the board

      should not be carried out. 

(7) In the event of LCD breakage and resultant leakage of fluid do not inhale, ingest or make contact with

     the skin. If contact is made rinse immediately. 

(8) When cleaning the module use a soft damp cloth with a mild solvent, such as Isopropyl or Ethyl

    alcohol. The use of water, ketone or aromatic is not permitted. 

(9) Prior to initial power up input signals should not be applied. 

(10) Protect the module against static electricity and observe appropriate anti-static precautions.


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