LCD HDMI TFT Module Display Screen 3.5inch

Ta≦70℃: 75%RH max
Ta>50℃: absolute humidity must be lower than the humidity of 75%RH at 50℃
Note2: Ta at -10℃ will be <48hrs, at 60 ℃ will be <120hrs when humidity is higher than 75%RH.
Ta≦60℃: 75%RH max
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Product Details

General Specification


Standard Value



Display Format

320(RGB) * 480

LCD Type

TFT , Transflective , Positive

View direction (Gray inversion)

12 O’clock


Up: 0.22mm,Down,:0.22mm


White LED



Driver IC

Driver IC: ILI9488

Product Pictures of 3.5 Inch LCD HDMI TFT Module 

Product Applications:

Thin film transistor liquid crystal display (English: Thin film transistor liquid crystal display, often referred to as TFT-LCD) is one of the most liquid crystal displays, which uses thin film transistor technology to improve image quality. Although TFT-LCD is collectively referred to as LCD, it is an active matrix LCD that is used in televisions, flat panel displays, and projectors.

Simply put, the TFT-LCD panel can be seen as a layer of liquid crystal sandwiched between two glass substrates, the upper glass substrate and the color filter, and the lower glass with transistors embedded. When the current is generated by the transistor to change the electric field, causing the liquid crystal molecules to deflect, thereby changing the polarity of the light, and then using the polarizer to determine the brightness and darkness of the pixel. In addition, the upper glass is bonded to the color filter to form a red, blue, and green color for each pixel, and the pixels that emit red, blue, and green colors constitute a video image on the panel.

It is currently the most high-end product in the LCD market. It is mainly used in notebook computers, LCD TVs, etc. The manufacturing process of TFT-LCD is complicated and the price is relatively high.



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